At the homepage I already mentioned Gambit: Software Tools for Game Theory, but it should be mentioned again.

[A.] "IG Package"

Abstract: This package provides C code for finding a system of equations with the number of unknowns equal to the number of equations, based on an algorithm for computing a fixed point due to myself and Rabee Tourky. It is intended for inclusion in larger software systems that need to solve such systems. The code was written by Colin Ramsay, and the manual was writtem by Colin and myself.

Here is the .tar.gz archive:

[B.] "Three D Tricks"

Abstract: If you have ever used Timothy van Zandt's package PSTricks, you probably like it a lot, since it provides simple and practical tools for preparing a wide variety of figures, charts, and other illustrations that are suitable for scientific papers. But there is one big problem: it doesn't handle the third dimension. ThreeDTricks is a perl script that allows you to edit a file for simple PSTricks objects in a three dimensional coordinate system, then pass from that to a standard PSTricks file. You can read more about it here:

If you would like to try it out, here is the .tar.gz archive:

[C.] "The Expected Number of Nash Equilibria of a Normal Form Game"

Abstract: Ever wonder how many Nash equilibria a "typical" or "average" normal form game has. OK, so probably you don't lie awake thinking about it. But even so, now you can know! This software is configured to document the tables in the paper, but it can easily be used to generate a wide variety of numerical findings. To access it unload the file meannonash.tar, do 'gunzip meannonash.tar.gz' followed by 'tar xvf meannonash.tar', and then take further direction from the README.

Last updated on August 31, 2011.